Announcing the PTCMW 2020 Mentor Program

07/02/2020 4:43 PM | Anonymous

The PTCMW 2020 Mentor Program has launched!

What is the PTCMW Mentor Program?

  • The PTCMW Mentor Program is an opportunity for students and young professionals to benefit from the knowledge and experience of other PTCMW members

How does it work?

  • Mentors will meet once a month with mentees via phone or video conference to discuss mutual topics of interest over a 6-month period

Who can be a mentee?

  • Any PTCMW member* with an interest in gaining knowledge and advice from PTCMW’s wise and seasoned base of professionals
    • We are currently waiving the membership fee for students and early career mentees until the end of 2020

Who can be a mentor?

  • Any PTCMW member with an interest in sharing knowledge and experience with other PTCMW members
  • Other guidelines:
  • Master’s degree or higher in IO Psychology or closely related field
  • 1+ Years of I/O related work experience in a full time capacity
  • Availability to commit at least one hour per month to meeting with your mentee

What resources are available for mentors and mentees?

The PTCMW Mentor Page has resources available for mentors and mentees:

  • Program Overview: Information about the goals of the program, general program logistics
  • Guidelines and Tips for Mentors: First meeting topics to discuss, tips for being an effective mentor
  • Guidelines and Tips for Mentees: First meeting topics to discuss, tips for being an effective mentee
  • Resource Packets: Topics and Discussion Questions (coming soon)

What is the general timeline for this program?


Expected Time Frame

Mentors/Mentees complete and submit sign-up form

Deadline: July 31st, 2020

PTCMW reviews and identifies Mentor/Mentee pairings

Early August

PTCMW introduces Mentors and Mentees via email and schedules Virtual Kick-off Meeting

Late August

Virtual Kick-off Meeting

Early September

First Meeting

Mentee to schedule by end of September

Subsequent Meetings

October, 2020 through February, 2021


February/March, 2021

Who can I reach out to if I have more questions?

Please contact the PTCMW Recorder (

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