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  • 10/23/2018 1:59 PM | Anonymous

    Authors: Lance Seberhagen and Nikki Blacksmith

    PTCMW was established in March 1977.  Only one person has been a continuous member of PTCMW since Day One.  That member is Dr. Lance Seberhagen, Director of Seberhagen & Associates, Vienna, VA.  He is a Founding Member of PTCMW and has held various positions in PTCMW over the years, including Recorder (1977), President (1989-90), and Calendar Chair (1982-2017).  In 2014, he received the PTCMW Service Award for his service to PTCMW.

    PTCMW celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017.  As part of that celebration, Dr. Nikki Blacksmith, PTCMW’s past Newsletter Editor, interviewed Dr. Seberhagen to recall some highlights from PTCMW’s first 40 years.  

    1.       To begin, tell us a little about yourself and your background.

    I was born in New York City and grew up in Scarsdale, NY (about 20 miles north of NYC).  My dad worked for an advertising agency on Madison Avenue, just like Mad Men on TV.  In 1958, we moved to Minnesota when my dad joined an advertising agency in Minneapolis, and I attended high school there.  My dad’s work got me interested in consumer psychology, but he warned me not to go into advertising because it was too cutthroat (like Mad Men).  Eventually, I found my way to industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology.

    I earned degrees at Brown University (BA, psych), Southern Methodist University (MA, I-O psych), and University of Minnesota (PhD, I-O psych).  While at SMU, I worked as a Personnel Analyst for the Dallas Civil Service Department – in the same building where Ruby shot Oswald.  While at the University of Minnesota, I worked as the Test R&D manager for the Minnesota State Personnel Department.  I hired several other Minnesota graduate students to work in my unit, including Norm Peterson (later a PTCMW President), Ron Page, Gail Drauden, and Jean Barsaloux, all of whom became PhDs in I-O, plus Bob Etzioni (MS in I-O, George Washington University).

    As part of my duties for the State of Minnesota, I got a grant from the U.S. Civil Service Commission (USCSC) to write a book on Legal Aspects of Personnel Selection in the Public Service, which IPMA published in 1973.  As part of my work on the book, I made several trips to Washington, DC to meet with Steve Bemis, Chief Psychologist at OFCC (later OFCCP); Jim Sharf, Chief Psychologist at EEOC; and various I-Os at USCSC (now OPM).  I liked DC so much that I moved there in October 1973 to work as an I-O consultant for Planning Research Corporation in McLean, VA.  From December 1976 to present, I have had my own I-O consulting and expert witness practice as Seberhagen & Associates in Vienna, VA.

    2. As a Founding Member, can you tell us about the impetus for starting PTCMW?

    When I moved to DC in 1973, I knew Steve Bemis, Jim Sharf, and a few other I-Os, but I suspected that there were many more I-Os in the DC area.  The problem was how to meet them.  I gradually met more local I-Os through my consulting work and attending professional conferences (e.g., APA, IPMAAC, and BNA).  This helped, but there was still much room for improvement.

    Steve Bemis came to the rescue in March 1977, when he called me and a few other DC I-Os to explore the possibility of starting a local I-O professional association for DC, MD, and VA.  This small group of I-Os became the Founding Members of PTC/MW.  (PTC/MW later changed its name to PTCMW, as described below.)

    Steve was the perfect person to lead the creation of PTC/MW.  He was a friendly and helpful I-O who already knew most of the I-Os in DC (and across USA) from his work for the federal government (Labor/OFCCP) and various DC consulting firms.  He was also committed to the development of employee selection procedures that identified the best candidates, while maintaining equal employment opportunity.  Steve felt this goal could be achieved if there were greater sharing of ideas among I-Os, lawyers, and other interested parties.

    To continue reading, download the entire article HERE

  • 10/22/2018 10:00 PM | Anonymous

    Author: Josh Isaacson, PTCMW President

    PTCMW is constantly evolving with the times and our memberships needs. This new format aims to maintain the quality of content that the newsletter has provided since its inception while allowing for a more interactive online forum for discussions and ease of access. Our plan is to publish blog posts throughout the year on the PTCMW website, which will allow authors and members to engage in discussions on current topics of interest.  We really hope you enjoy this new look!

    Please join me in an overdue acknowledgement and THANK YOU to the 2017 PTCMW board and committee members for a job well-done. In 2017, PTCMW had an all-star line-up of speakers, provided several networking opportunities for members, produced a newsletter filled with insightful columns, and engaged I-O psychology graduate students through our consulting challenge. 2017 also marked PTCMW’s 40th anniversary and we ended it with a bang throwing the largest happy hour event in PTCMW’s history.  Finally, PTCMW’s annual Fall Event welcomed 200 attendees, 22 sponsoring and participating organizations, and speakers Nancy Tippins and Elizabeth Kolmstetter highlighted the event discussing successes and challenges in personnel selection across the public and private sectors. Thank you to everyone who made these events possible and to the members for keeping PTCMW strong!

    Your current PTCMW board and committee members have been very hard at work continuing to provide high-value resources and networking opportunities to members over the past 10 months. We’ve hosted 12 well attended events including six presentations, two panel discussions, one workshop, our annual graduate student consulting challenge, and two networking happy hours. Topics have been diverse including a discussion on reducing mean group differences on cognitive ability tests, coaching and I/O Psychology, astronaut selection, data visualization, machine learning approach to job analysis, and generational differences in workplace attitudes and job satisfaction. Our membership is also looking strong with 325 active members and over 40 new members in 2018.

    The Annual Fall Event: November, 5th!

    Panelists Liberty Munson, Dave Dorsey, and Seymour Adler will present on “Cutting Edge Technology: Transforming the World of Work and I/O Psychology as We Know It”. We also have  a record 23 sponsoring organizations this year and there will be plenty of fun *New* prizes to give away during the networking and talent connection portion of the event!

    Please secure your spot and register now as space is limited!  Click here for more information.

    Newsletter Blog Naming Competition!!!

    Please send us ONE creative name for PTCMW’s Newsletter Blog by November 9th.  Following the Fall Event we will send out a poll to have members vote on a winner.  The winner will get FREE admission to one of our monthly events in 2019. Send your name to our new Newsletter/Blog Editor, Cliff Haimann, here.

    We Need Authors and Volunteers

    • We are looking for people interested in writing articles and facilitating discussions on our new blog! If interested, please send an email to our Newsletter/Blog Editor here.
    • Although we have several great volunteers lending their service to PTCMW we are always looking for more help and fresh perspectives. If you are interested in helping out, even for just an hour a month, please get in touch!

    We want your feedback 

    If you have any suggestions for making PTCMW and this newsletter better please email the President directly here – or feel free to leave a comment below!

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