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  • 02/12/2023 10:42 AM | Anonymous

    Student Intern Opportunity 

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

    How to Apply:

    The FDIC's Spring 2023 postings include two types of Internship appointments:

    NTE Intern: Interns hired with a NTE date (also referred to as a NTE Intern) should be placed in temporary assignments and hired to complete temporary projects or to fill traditional summer jobs.

    Announcement Number: 2023-HQP-0015 (PUBLIC):

    Indefinite Intern: Interns in a longer term developmental role without a NTE date. 

    Announcement Number: 2023-HQP-0016 (PUBLIC):

    If you are interested, in working with our team please consider applying. All announcements will close on February 14th, 2023.

    About the Organization

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Spring 2023 Pathways Internship postings are now open. FDIC's Human Resources Branch within the Division of Administration includes the Human Capital Strategic Planning and Analysis team of exceptional I/O Psychologists eager to help support career development of future colleagues. 

  • 02/07/2023 3:36 PM | Anonymous

    Lead Personnel Research Psychologist

    U.S. Office of Personnel Management

    How to Apply:

    For a full description and to apply, visitUSAJOBS - Job Announcement

    About the Organization

    U.S. Office of Personnel Management


    Open Period: February 6, 2023 to February 10, 2023

    $116,393 - $183,500 per year

    The salary range for this announcement reflects Rest of US GS-14/1 @ $116,393 to highest GS-14/10 San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, CA @ $183,500

    About the Job

    Are you an Industrial/Organizational psychologist with selection expertise? If selected, you may develop, implement, and evaluate selection or promotion assessments; conduct data analysis; write technical reports; or conduct job analysis. Additional selections may be made for psychologists with individual or organizational assessment expertise. Typical duties include, but are not limited to:

    · Lead and/or participate on project teams to develop and/or contract for innovative assessment tools.

    · Conduct Governmentwide and/or agency-specific job analyses.

    · Develop and implement competency models and hiring/promotional assessments.

    · Establish project objectives, activities, timelines, budgets, and staffing plans.

    · Advise agencies and internal senior management on implementing assessment strategies.


    Key Requirements

    · U.S. Citizen or National

    · Suitable for Federal employment, determined by a background investigation

    · Males born after 12-31-59 must be registered for Selective Service

    · Relevant experience (see Qualifications below)

    · Must complete initial online questionnaire and additional assessments


    Basic Education Requirement: All applicants must have successfully completed a full 4-year course of study in an accredited or pre-accredited academic institution leading to a bachelor's or higher degree with a major or equivalent in psychology to receive further consideration. 

    For GS-14: You must meet the Basic Requirement AND have at least 1 full year (52 weeks) of specialized experience equivalent in difficulty and complexity to the Federal Government GS-13 grade or pay band. Specialized experience must demonstrate ALL of the following:

    Using knowledge of the principles, theories, and methods of industrial/organizational psychology or related field (e.g., applied social psychology, applied research/evaluation) to develop practical solutions to assessment problems, including experience with assessment development and validation methods; AND

    Experience applying knowledge of statistics and using a major statistical analysis package (e.g., SPSS, SAS, R); AND

    Leading/managing projects that involved conducting job analyses, performing statistical analyses and developing tests/assessment tools consistent with professional and legal requirements (e.g., Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures); AND

    Planning and monitoring project or program budgets to include negotiating funding with management or other officials; monitoring budget progression including overages or underutilization; determining pricing for operational activities; determining estimated costs for products or services; and managing resources to ensure delivery within budgeted amounts.

  • 12/10/2022 7:12 AM | Anonymous

    Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR), Organizational Effectiveness Branch

    How to Apply: 

    For more information and to apply: 

    About the Organization:

    ASPR/OE will be a fast-paced environment where your duties and responsibilities require interacting at all levels, across multiple offices, within and external to ASPR. Consider joining our diverse, multi-disciplinary team.

    About the Position:

    Are you interested in saving lives and protecting Americans from 21st century health threats? Come support the mission of the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response (ASPR)!

    The Organizational Effectiveness Branch with ASPR is now accepting applications for a GS-13 Personnel Research Psychologist in the Washington DC office. Applicants will be evaluated based upon responses provided on the job-specific questionnaire that is required as part of the application process. Applications will be accepted through December 14, 2022.

    Responsibilities of this position include:

    • Designing research programs and identifying short and long term program goals and objectives, formulating priorities, and implementation plans. Providing recommendations to senior leaders on relevant budget requirements and policy development around human resources issues.
    • Conducting organizational effectiveness projects throughout ASPR, including but not limited to employee selection, engagement, career and leadership development, performance management, and succession planning.
    • Preparing program guidelines and initiatives and acting as a subject matter expert and/or a recognized technical authority in the development and interpretation of industrial organizational research initiatives, cultural implications, and related ethical and social policies.
    • Planning and executing advanced qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Collaborating with others both inside and outside of ASPR to conduct research relevant to knowledge development in the field of industrial organizational psychology.
    • Determining research implications on ASPR-wide industrial organizational research initiatives and disseminating findings through written reports, executive memos, and presentations.
  • 12/01/2022 5:57 AM | Anonymous

    Secret Service, Office of Human Resources (HR), HR Research and Assessment Division

    How to Apply:

    You can apply on USA Jobs.

    About the Position:

    Joining the Secret Service, Office of Human Resources (HR), HR Research and Assessment Division will allow you to participate in research, development, implementation, and maintenance of effective competency-based assessments for selection, promotion, career development, and organizational effectiveness to support the establishment and maintenance of a quality workforce.


    The selectee will serve as Personnel Psychologist in the Office of Human Resources, HR Research and Assessment Division. Typical work assignments include:

    • Formulating, defining and conducting research assignment of moderate scope and complexity, addressing problem in human resource management.
    •  Performing responsibly in all phases of the research and project management process, including problem definition, planning, execution, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of results.
    • Developing entry level and promotional tests, assessments, and other tools for selection, promotion, and career development.

    This Personnel Psychologist position starts at a salary of $89,834 (GS-12 step 1), with promotion potential to $164,102 (GS-14 step 10).

  • 11/22/2022 12:15 PM | Anonymous

    Fairfax County Government

    How to Apply: 

    To apply, please visit the Fairfax County career page here.

    About the Position:

    Fairfax County Government offers numerous benefits that support employees today and into the future! We are looking for an experienced, professional and detailed-oriented employment testing/exam analyst to complete our established Employment/Public Safety Exam Team. The team provides oversight and management of public safety examination development and administration. Duties include:

    • Works with various public safety committees to develop promotional examinations;
    • Writes and/or edits test items for multiple choice written exams;
    • Reviews statistical analysis and establishes the passing score cutoff for examinations;
    • Plans and organizes projects to achieve established objectives and time schedules;
    • Conducts research on test validation and test correlation as it related to job requirements and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines;
    • Develops surveys to measure effectiveness of processes;
    • Interprets and evaluates statistical analyses and reports findings.
    • Performs other duties as required.

    General Duties:

    • Manages/oversees a major function/program, project or team;
    • Proactively develops, manages, and evaluates programs and procedures that are responsive to the changing needs of the customer and the business environment;
    • Participates in the contracting process, including drafting bid specifications, evaluating
    • proposals, and selecting a contractor;
    • Develops, recommends, and implements personnel policies, procedures, and programs consistent with County, State, and Federal laws and regulations;
    • Serves as an expert witness; presents testimony at official proceedings such as Civil Service Commission and in Court;
    • Applies systems solutions to business problems; trains users in system functions;
    • Proactively develops solutions; facilitates problem solving among different individuals/groups to reach effective outcomes;
    • Provides advice and consultation regarding immediate situations;
    • Works independently to define and meet customer needs, facilitating innovation and exploration of non-traditional ideas;
    • Recognizing the implications of proposed changes, identifies and collaborates with appropriate individuals and groups to develop and implement the changes;
    • Leads change initiatives throughout the department or with customers to improve services and meet the needs of the customer;
    • Investigates/responds to individual, agency, or County-wide issues, questions or grievances from the public, employees, and/or County/State/Federal agencies;
    • Develops and presents material on various topics to individuals and groups.

    Required Knowledge Skills and Abilities:

    • Knowledge of the principles, methods and problems of organization and management;
    • Knowledge of the principles and practices of public sector human resources administration in relevant areas;
    • Knowledge of group/team dynamics;
    • Knowledge of federal, state and county laws, ordinances, rules and regulations pertaining to all aspects of human resource management;
    • Skill in use of computer hardware and software;
    • Skill in facilitation;
    • Skill in mediation and conflict resolution;
    • Ability to gather, analyze and present facts;
    • Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with citizens, employees and public officials;
    • Ability to work as a team member or leader;
    • Ability to speak and write effectively.

    Minimum Qualifications:
    Any combination of education, experience, and training equivalent to the following
    Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with a bachelor's degree in personnel administration, public administration or a related field, plus four years of professional-level human resources experience.

    Certificates and Licenses Required:
    Not applicable.

    Preferred Qualifications:

    • Master's degree in industrial/organizational psychology.
    • Four years of experience developing, administering, and scoring high-stakes employment tests.
    • Demonstrated knowledge and experience in conducting statistical analysis of employment data.
    • Advanced skill with MS Excel.
  • 11/22/2022 12:09 PM | Anonymous

    U.S. Office of Personnel Management

    How to Apply: 

    For a full description and to apply, visit: no later than December 5, 2022.

    About the Position:

     re you a graduate student interested in working with senior industrial/organizational psychologists to deliver employment and organizational assessment services to Federal agencies?  You could be part of a team working to develop, implement, and evaluate assessment tools for selection or promotion; develop and administer surveys; analyze data using SPSS, Excel, or R; write technical reports; conduct job analysis/competency modeling or gap analysis and/or program evaluation.

    Webinar Opportunity:

    OPM will be hosting three webinars to provide additional information about our organization and the kinds of projects our psychologists complete.  Webinars are currently scheduled on November 29, 2022 from 12:30-1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, November 30, 2022, from 4:00-5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, and December 1, 2022 from 10:00-11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.  If you would like to attend a webinar, please send an email to


  • 11/09/2022 7:29 AM | Anonymous

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Personnel Research and Assessment Division (PRAD)

    How to apply: 

    Current Federal employees (GS-0180-12/13):

    Current Federal employees (GS-0180-14)

    All other applicants (GS-0180-12/13)

    About the Organization:

    The Personnel Research and Assessment Division is a team of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists leveraging expertise in human capital strategies and applied research to make a difference in the safety and security of our Nation.  

    About the Position:

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Personnel Research and Assessment Division (PRAD) has 2 openings for a Personnel Research Psychologist. PRAD seeks interested and eligible employees at the GS-12, GS-13, or GS-14 levels.   All positions are non-supervisory and have promotion potential to the GS-14.  These positions are eligible for remote work, anywhere in the United States.  Applications will be accepted from Monday, November 7 to Monday, November 21, 2022 for the first 100 applicants.

    Selected applicants will be responsible for designing, developing, and validating tests and other assessment instruments for use within CBP, enhancing organization effectiveness through organizational development, and conducting research to support national initiatives. Typical work assignments, include but are not limited to:

    • Planning and conducting job analysis studies, the results of which serve as the foundation for a variety of human resources programs including development of tests and assessments for frontline hiring and career paths for employee development.
    • Leading the development of innovative assessment tools in support of multiple-hurdle selection processes and conducting validity studies to determine the predictive effectiveness of new and existing assessments for specific occupations. Using classical test theory and item response theory to develop assessments, including computer adaptive tests.
    • Applying the knowledge base and scientific methods of psychology to critical human capital issues to include talent acquisition, succession planning, retention, employee motivation, and occupational skills gaps.
    • Designing and implementing surveys to support data driven decision-making around human capital issues or to enable program evaluation.
    • Participating in all phases of the research process, including problem definition, planning, execution, statistical analysis, and interpretation, and reporting of results. Preparing and presenting briefing materials that communicate technical information to non-technical audiences of all levels, documenting applied research study methods and results in technical reports.
  • 10/23/2022 7:18 PM | Anonymous

    United States Postal Service

    How to apply:

    You can apply here.

    About the position:

    Serves as the technical expert for job architecture and competency development programs. Leads large complex job analysis studies and projects designed to identify large scale organizational needs and inform talent management strategies. Leverages professional knowledge and experience provide technical guidance regarding job analysis and competency development to team members and consult with business owners and managers at all levels of the organization.


    1. Consults with stakeholders to identify organizational goals and strategies regarding competency models and job architecture. Collaborates with internal stakeholders on initiatives and projects designed to develop competency models and job architecture frameworks. Provides technical advice and program guidance to organizational leadership regarding effective methods, procedures, instruments, and strategies to develop competency models, interview guides, and job architecture.

    2. Leads large complex job analysis studies and project teams by developing and implementing strategies and project plans to conduct observations, focus groups, interviews, and surveys to identify and evaluate work requirements, tasks, duties, and responsibilities. Designs, develops, and administers job analytic surveys to capture necessary data to inform the development and validation of competency models, job descriptions, selection processes, training, performance management and succession planning strategies. Develops deliverables resulting from job analytic studies, including job descriptions, competency models, and interview guides.
    3. Conducts quantitative and qualitative data analysis for job analysis, competency modeling, and other projects. Analyzes job analysis survey data to describe and understand job responsibilities and requirements by running descriptive, frequencies, correlations, regressions and factor analysis. Generates graphs and charts to display the data visually. Documents results in presentations and detailed technical reports. Ensures adherence to applicable professional standards, principles and guidelines.

    4. Conducts external research on industry best practices in competency modeling, job analysis, and job architecture to identify trends, technology enhancements, and methodologies. Develops recommendations for processes, policies, guidelines, and practices for incorporating competency models throughout the employee life cycle, including hiring, development, and performance management and evaluation. Shares technical knowledge (e.g., methodological, statistical, psychometric), and professional development support (e.g., coaching, mentoring) to teammates.
    5. Develops, implements and maintains job architecture guidelines, methods, and procedures to ensure the accurate creation and modification of job descriptions and related materials. Develops the framework, methodology and process for career path analysis and modeling, to inform talent management strategies and evaluate effectiveness of talent management programs and initiatives.
    6. Leads the design of best in class job evaluation process to include identifying and implementing legally defensible evaluation methodologies. Conducts internal and external salary analysis studies using market data sources (e.g., ERI, Payfactors) to ensure job equity; prepares and documents analysis to inform recommendations for the appropriate job grade level.
    7. Leads large scope organizational review and restructure initiatives and projects to review, create, and/or modify job descriptions. Consults with managers at all levels of the organization to identify job description and requirements needs based on organizational changes. Provides technical guidance to organizational leadership regarding job architecture process and value.
    8. Develops and facilitates training of job analytic methods and tools and content validation strategies to enable the team to effectively define job roles, requirements, and determine the appropriate occupational group, classification, and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) designation for new and existing jobs. Provides technical direction, guidance, and training to team members regarding the evaluation of jobs using established methodologies (e.g., point factor, factor comparison, market pricing) to determine pay grades.
    9. Identifies the impact of competency models on talent management tools and programs and organizational performance. Conducts complex analyses related to the development, delivery and reporting of the impact of competency models on job descriptions, performance, and development. Identifies and makes recommendations for opportunities for improvement of talent management strategies, tools and techniques by leveraging competency models and other job analytic data.
    10. Provides written and/or oral testimony, briefings and reports on complex technical and professional issues. Serves as a technical expert and testifies in legal proceedings in the area of I/O Psychology.


    1. EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: Applicants must possess a Graduate Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Organizational Development, or a degree in a closely related field, which included a focus on job analysis methods and techniques from a college or university accredited by a national or regional accreditation organization recognized and sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Education.

    2. Ability to communicate orally and in writing sufficient to convey a range of complex technical concepts related to competencies, job architecture, policies, and procedures to non-technical audiences.
    3. Ability to provide consultative services sufficient to coordinate and direct activities, processes, and procedures to ensure alignment with strategic business needs while influencing executive project sponsors and stakeholders.
    4. Skill using statistics analysis software such as SPSS to conduct advanced analytics such as regression analysis, factor analysis, parametric and non-parametric significance testing, and multivariate analysis of variance.
    5. Ability to facilitate interviews, focus groups, surveys and related activities with subject matter experts to collect detailed job information sufficient to develop deliverables including job descriptions, competency models, and career path models.
    6. Knowledge of ethical, legal and professional standards related to testing and assessment development (i.e., Uniform

    Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures [EEO], Principles for the Development and Validation of Employee Selection Procedures [SIOP] and Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing [AERA, APA]) sufficient to conduct job analysis studies to form the basis for the development and validation of legally-defensible, high stakes selection tools.
    7. SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Applicant must submit to a Moderate Background Investigation (MBI) or Tier 2 investigation. This investigation requires, among other things, completion of a questionnaire and fingerprinting for a criminal records check. The investigation may require a drug test. The successful applicant will be required to meet and maintain the requirements of this level of background investigation while holding this position.

    8. Ability to design and conduct multiple comprehensive job analytic procedures simultaneously for a large matrixed organization (e.g., job analysis, needs analysis, competency modeling) and perform the appropriate data analyses to develop, implement, and validate competency models, job architecture (e.g., job descriptions, evaluation), and related materials.

    9. Ability to manage multiple complex job analysis projects and programs simultaneously for a large complex matrixed organization, including developing integrated project plans and timelines, determining resource requirements, assigning tasks, providing technical guidance and feedback, monitoring progress, and reporting risks/results.
    10. Ability to provide technical direction, guidance, and feedback (e.g., coaching, mentoring) to others sufficient to support the technical development and growth of team members regarding writing job descriptions, conducting job analysis, and developing competency modeling.

    11. Ability to serve as a technical expert in job analysis and competency modeling sufficient to provide professional and technical guidance to all levels of the organization.

  • 10/23/2022 7:02 PM | Anonymous

    Army research Institute

    How to apply:

    About the company:

    The Army Research Institute drives scientific innovation to enable the Army to acquire, develop, and retain Soldiers and enhance personnel readiness. ARI's Emerging Research Unit (ERU) conducts applied research on emerging topics in the Army, particularly those topics that have bearing on Army personnel policy. ERU scientists develop new approaches to measuring and improving unit readiness, group resilience, and understanding Soldiers' adaptation to evolving technologies.


    • Develop research plans and integrate into a larger program of team enablers and human-machine teaming research.
    • Provide guidance to other research psychologists at lower grades and provide guidance to operational personnel in the preparation and execution of personnel selection and assignment tests and assessments.
    • Develop valid and reliable data collection methods using both experimental based observations and subjective instruments.
    • Perform psychometrics analysis (e.g., item/person analysis, equating, IRT and Classical Test Theory-based analysis) and write reports describing the completed research.
    • Review reports of other scientists and contract personnel for quality, accuracy, professional standards, and compliance with regulations and style manuals.
    • Prepare and provide briefs after receiving minimal input from the unit chief and/or team leader.


    • Appointment may be subject to a suitability or fitness determination, as determined by a completed background investigation.
    • Must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance.
    • Three-year trial/probationary period may be required.
    • This position requires you to submit a Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE 278) or a Confidential Financial Disclosure Report (OGE450) upon entry, and annually thereafter.
    • This position will require you to obtain and maintain a COR appointment(s) from the Army Research Institute -approved contracting agents.


    • Current Department of Army Civilian Employees
    • Current Permanent Department of Defense (DOD) Civilian Employee (non-Army)
    • Executive Order (E.O.) 12721
    • Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan
    • Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act
    • Military Spouses, under Executive Order (E.O.) 13473
    • Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI)
    • Non-Department of Defense (DoD) Transfer
    • Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Interchange Agreement Eligible
    • People with Disabilities, Schedule A
    • Priority Placement Program, DoD Military Spouse Preference (MSP) Eligible
    • Reinstatement
    • Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA) of 1998
  • 10/23/2022 6:50 PM | Anonymous

    Arlington County, Human Resources Department

    Where to Apply:

    You may apply here.

    About the Job:

    We are actively searching for experienced, detail-oriented individuals desiring to further their professional experience in a progressive local government, by providing subject matter expertise in in classification & compensation.


    • Conducting job audits and salary analysis
    • Compiling and evaluating complex data
    • Collaborating with a team on compensation and classifications studies
    • Creating graphical data displays and analysis
    • Writing reports and communication for various audiences


    • Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Public or Business Administration, Industrial/Organziational Psychology, or related field
    • Experience in job evaluation, job and organizational design, and/or compensation or other closely related Human Resources function.


    • Experience analyzing a wide variety of jobs (Executive, Management, Professional, Administrative, Trades etc.), preferably for job evaluation and classification purposes;
    • Experience in a wide variety of compensation areas including the interpretation and application of FLSA regulations; the analysis of compensation statistics and the development of compensation policy to resolve pay issues;
    • Advanced Excel, Access, and PowerPoint skills that include developing complex spreadsheets and presentations and preparing, documenting and presenting complex narrative and statistical analytical reports;
    • Experience in other HR disciplines including organizational analysis and work redesign, recruitment, selection, and/or benefits; and/or
    • CCP, SPHR or other compensation-related certification.

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